Learn to Dive

If you are interested in taking up this unique sport then there is no better time than now! There are over 80 CFT Diver at siterecognised clubs all over Ireland that continually provide an exceptional level of experience, enjoyable training and ongoing development.

CFT Clubs are interested in a diver’s integration and development within a communal Club structure. The training environments are safe, experienced and above all else your training is carried out in a friendly, inclusive and relaxed way. We believe that diving does not end with the presentation of a certificate but that this is where the adventure and journey really begins! Ongoing development, skills progression and knowledge exchange is at the heart of all CFT Clubs.

The majority of our Clubs around the country begin their new training season in September / October and again January. This gives you the opportunity to learn and perfect your skills in the pool over winter months. Once the spring starts you will be ready for the open seas with the confidence that can only come from our structured training programme.

Why train with us: The core values of the Irish Underwater Council are rooted in Community. Ours is an organisation run by divers for divers with the long term interests of the individual and his or her development as our prime objective. Our interest in those who learn to dive with us does not end at the presentation of an ‘Diving Certificate’, for us this is where the adventure only starts! With over 80 clubs in Ireland you will never be far from a Club that will welcome you, train you and over see your development and progression in this incredible sport.

Because CFT is a club based organisation it provides you with the opportunity to meet new people, forge new friendships and experience this wonderful sport with like-minded others. All our clubs run weekend trips away and explore dive sites scattered all around our coastline along with a diverse number of pubs…..scattered all around our coastline!

Scuba Diving and Snorkel Diving are amazing sports that are constantly evolving and developing. They can also be dangerous for the untrained and inexperienced and this is why at CFT we believe that the individual’s needs, training and ongoing development are paramount. We don’t believe that your diving skills are complete after a simple short term course, instead we believe that continual learning is the way forward. A such our members learn from each other, mentor others and take a vested interested in developing the skills needed to Scuba and Snorkel Dive safely while enjoying the many wonderful experiences that the sport offers.