Diving in Ireland

As an island situated on the very edge of the Western European continental shelf we are perfectly situated for Scuba diving, Ireland’s coastline and waters offer some of the best diving in Northern Europe if not the World!

Diving in Ireland is an all year round sport and we have over 80 clubs situated all over the Country that are fully capable of providing world standard and world recognised diver training. All of our clubs will provide you with the opportunity to have a go at regular open nights and ‘Try A Dive’ events which give you a snap shot of what training with a CFT club is like and what you can expect when you join.

There are many reasons to take up diving in Ireland from discovering a new world beneath the waves to meeting new people and making friends for life, we call them buddies! But don’t listen to us, take a look at the video and see for yourself why Ireland’s oceans are a place to be discovered!

 About Diving

SCUBA is the acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and scuba diving is the practice of diving underwater and staying there for an extended period of time facilitated by the scuba unit – a gas-filled (usually air) cylinder – divers carry on their backs.

With the assistance of equipment such as scuba masks, breathing regulators, buoyancy devices, fins, and gauges, scuba divers can explore the underwater world at their leisure. Modern scuba diving is very safe and easy to learn. Training is provided by a large number of qualified CFT clubs based all over the country. Comhairle Fo-Thuinn (CFT), also known as the Irish Underwater Council, has more than 80 clubs affiliated to it and one is sure to be based near you (see http://diving.ie/scuba-diving/join-a-club/).

Whether it’s for the thrill and adventure or the serene experience of beauty and discovery, scuba diving is open to everybody. All that is required is a normal degree of health and fitness and a desire to have fun, make new friends and discover a new world that is only a few short feet from your coast line. Make no mistake, the underwater world is the last great wilderness on the planet. It has not been full mapped yet and, in fact, Ireland has become a pioneer in mapping its undersea territories (see www.infomar.ie).