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Welcome to our (UPDATED) Dive Site page. Just select a region and click on the links to view a list of dive sites in that area.

We are inviting clubs and individuals to submit their favourite dive sites to us for inclusion on this page.

Lets build up an archive of good dive sites around Ireland. To submit your favourite dive site simply email info@diving.ie. Include your Name, Club, Dive Site Name, Location and Description

Dive Sites of Ireland

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Irishwrecks.ie is a comprehensive database of shipwrecks around the Irish coast, with over 15,000 entries. The authors Roy Stokes and Liam Dowling have continued to add new shipwrecks, video footage, photographs, seabed and anomalies from around the coase of Ireland. The data is compiled under a number of field headings and successful searches can be completed with only the minimum of information available. Where available, detailed results will also include photographs of the ship before and after being wrecked.

Please remember that if a wreck is over 100 years old you will need a licence to dive. Also where required, the permission of an owner may also be needed. Please click on this link to continue to the license application site https://www.archaeology.ie/licences/dive-survey-licence