We would like to welcome you to our new Children’s Activity Advice Page. Our aim is to ensure longford swim 5safety to all members, Instructors, voluntary assistants and children. This page will give you all the necessary information you will need to ensure that both you, your instructors and the children involved are protected and following best practice. We actively encourage all children to participate in IUC activities and are delighted that you are leading the way by getting involved in training our youths.

Garda Vetting is an essential process in order to ensure that we as a team can be protected and provide protection to our junior members. It is a very simple process and all information is treated with the upmost confidentiality. Only designated staff will have access to this information and it is aimed in no way to judge a person’s character.

We have developed a simple ABC / 123 step programme to assist you in evaluating whether you need to be garda vetted. In order to safe guard all involved it is the IUC policy to follow this three step guide.

If you are unsure if this policy applies to you simple answer the following. If any of the answers are yes then this policy applies!

Have you ever found yourself alone with a minor i.e. in a boat while diving or while waiting for a parent to collect them?

Do you have or are you planning to recruit members under 18 years of age? (this also applies to students in college groups).

Have you or are you likely to be approached by Youth Groups/organizations i.e. Scouting Ireland, schools, Try a dive/Snorkel to provide activities.


If you are organising / instructing or helping out on any IUC activity please ensue that the following 1,2,3 safeguards are in place prior to commencing the activity.

1Have you (and all adults involved) been vetted by IUC. Do you know that a full garda vetting system is in place for members of the  IUC. Please download the E- vetting form below nd send into IUC head office for the attention of the vetting officer. Please ensure you have received your clearance letter from IUC before commencement of the course.

2Have you completed a child protection workshop? These are run on a regular basis through any local sports partnership or by IUC. it is advised that at least one leader involved in the activity has completed this course. Here is a list of Local Sports Partnerships local-sport-partnerships

3 Always ensure that you are never in a situation where you are left alone with a child. For both your protection and theirs. Correct ratios should always be used, this ratio can be obtained by contacting us. Always work in an open environment.


****Have you read the IUC child protection policy. This provides valuable information to protect both you and the children you teach. You can download the policy from here

If you are organising an activity for a youth group of any kind please insist that at least one leader from that group is present during all activities. Remember it is the responsibility of the parent or youth group leader to supervise the children, your job is to teach or guide.

Useful documents

IUC 228 – Child Protection Policy

IUC 228D – Child Protection Policy Summary

IUC 228E – Child Protection FAQ Sheet

Generic Child Safeguarding Statement 1 – Sample

Generic Child Safeguarding Statement 2

Generic Risk Assessment 1 – Sample

Generic Risk Assessment 2

Republic of Ireland documents


IUC Official Child Protection Documents

IUC – Child Safeguarding Statement 2018

IUC Abuse Risk Assessment 2018