The Technical Commission and its role

The Technical Commission set the standards, rules and regulations for diving and snorkelling in Ireland. Their remit covers everything from standards to safety. While they meet every quarter they are involved in almost every function of the council on a weekly basis.

The first meeting of the 2018 Technical Commission took place recently. The role of the TC
is set out as follows. The National Diving Officer is chair of the TC. Other members of the
TC are either directly elected to the position or co-opted onto the TC for a fixed period. Term
limits are being introduced for officers of the TC which will follow the Executive term limits
format. Members can spend two years in any one position and a total of six years’ maximum.
Members must be two years off the TC before returning. All TC members must agree to
work within the structures of the strategic plan. The TC will convene for a minimum of 4
meetings per year and the TC liaises with the Executive of the IUC via the NDO. Examples
of current projects include,

1. Introduction of a new Sea survival course that was designed by the UK dive safety
group in association with the RNLI. This course is currently being localised to Ireland
by the TC.

2. Integration of Nitrox training into our Diver 1* and 2* training programmes as part of
an overall review of these training courses

3. A comprehensive review of the Mon3*** course with shift from a dive skills to a more
focused instructor training course with emphasis on Jury and jury management skills.
The written exam will remain the same and a course will be run in 2018.

The TC welcomes both feedback and input from the membership. The current membership
of the TC and responsibilities are set out  below . Please contact any member of
the TC via email at or via social media

Technical Commission  2018

National Diving Officer – Raymond Yeates
National Diving Officer is chair of the TC. The position of NDO is to oversee the safety and training standards of diving and certification within the Irish Underwater Council.

Incident Officer – Damian Ryan
Incidents Officer is responsible for recording incidents as reported by members of IUC. The incident officer is also responsible for amalgamating the information form these reports to look for trends or areas where regulations or training may need to be introduced to ensure safety. The officer is also responsible for feeding back details of reported incidents to the membership and actively promoting safety issues including the publishing of an annual incident report to members.
Document & Standards Officer

Communications – Ray Yeates
The DSO is responsible for ensuring that any changes in rules, regulations or training is documented in an agreed format and that revisions to courses are issued in an agreed standardized format. They will minute meetings and maintain the C&TB. Work with head office on document housekeeping. Promote the work of the TC and insure work is communicated to the membership. Fill the two-way role of liaison between the membership and the TC.
Course & Jury Planning Officer

Jury Coordinator – Jo Fegan
The role of the CJPO is to oversee the annual course and assessment schedule for IUC. This officer will liaise with the Regional Diving Officers and Head Office to publish a quarterly list of IUC courses to assist members in planning activities. The officer is also responsible for putting together Jury assessments for the IUC. The CJPO will also liaise with the instructor base to develop course activity.

Educational Officer – Mehdi Entezary
The role of the EO is to oversee and manage the schedule of course revision and to ensure that all new training course revision are in line with the overall educational philosophy of the IUC. The EO will lead course development, promotion, and facilitation.

National Snorkeling Officer – Bernard Larkin 
A member of the executive, the national snorkeling officer is responsible for the safety and standards of snorkeling and associated sports in the IUC. They represent these minority sports on the technical commission to ensure standards are kept in line with international best practice.

TC members
There are two more positions available on the Technical Commission, these members may be made up of Moniteur 3’s or others who hold skills required by the TC from time to time.
Regional Diving Officers
Regional diving Officers are responsible for organizing and overseeing training, assessments, and standards within their region.

Children’s Officer – Fidelma Carroll
This person is also an executive member and will work with the TC members to ensure that the work of the TC will take into consideration the juvenile membership.
National S&R Officer

Search & Recovery – John Joe Rowland
To represent the interests of the S&R Teams within the Organisation.

TC News

The Irish Underwater Council is delighted to announce the introduction of a new Diver Sea survival course . This course was designed by the UK dive safety group in association with the RNLI.

This course is currently being localised to Ireland by the Technical Commission. It is planned to offer the course from mid-summer.