Sheephaven Sac

2015-07-12 Sunday Morning Melmore Head Dive Party

Sheephaven SAC had another full week of diving activities last week, with dives on Wednesday evening followed by Saturday and Sunday morning dives, which were conducted at a variety of sites in the area.
The Wednesday evening dive was led by Kieran Doherty, with Noel Brennan taking the helm of dive boat Áine as dry coxswain for a drift dive at the First Narrows.
For some of the dive party is was their first time to experience this dive site, which has good depth, a great variety of marine life and an exhilarating drift if the conditions are right.
Saturday mornings dive was to Horn Head, with Robin Law providing dry coxswain duties when the dive party got onto the gullies on the outer tip of the headland.

On the surface the divers were treated to a visit by a pod of Dolphins, which came across Skate Bay from Duncap Head and turned out to the west after rounding Horn Head.

As always it is important to thanks to all who led, towed, filled boats, fetched petrol and provided dry coxswain cover and especially to Ellen Nugents Mum who baked a wonderful chocolate cake for the Sunday dive party, great diving and great company.