Go Membership Help Guides

Happy new year to all our members.

Now we are really starting to see the membership renewals flowing in please check out our Go Membership Help Guides on the Go Membership Help page http://diving.ie/go-membership-help-documents/

Just a few reminders:

Diving is a wonderful sport, it brings us to a place some only get to see in pictures, it can offer peace and serenity in a world that has become so fast paced it passes us by. But we must remember that in order to dive safely and under the Insurance Policy of the Irish Underwater Council the following Fitness to Dive Requirements must be met.

  • Pool Fitness Test – Must be completed each membership year
  • Medical Assessment – Medical assessment must be completed upon first joining, every three years from the age of 35 – 54 and each year from the age of 55+
  • Annual Online Medical Disclaimer – Must be completed each membership year

The Membership year 2018/19 began on the 1st October so if you get your Annual Online Medical Disclaimer and your Pool Fitness Test updated from the 1st October they will cover you until 31st December 2019.

Please remember to get your Annual Online Medical Disclaimer submitted as soon as possible as you will not be insured to dive under the IUC Insurance Policy unless this Annual Online Medical Disclaimer is approved by the IUC Medical Officer.