Evenful weeks diving for Sheephaven SAC

Sunday, 25th June 2017


Evenful weeks diving for Sheephaven SAC


Sheephaven SAC had a full week of diving activity starting Sat 17th which took some divers to Killybegs to the Donegal Bay Sub Aqua Club Dive Rally weekend. Thank you to Donegal Bay SAC who ensured a good time was had by all.


It was off to Rathmullen Pier on Monday evening where the dive was led by John Joe Rowland and Dave McGloin taking the helm of dive boat Áine as dry coxwain. It was a lovely calm evening and 5 divers dived on the old sub boom beneath the Martello Tower, Knockalla.  Visibility was good and lobsters and a variety of fish, mainly Wrasse were seen.  Dive ended on a lovely reef smothered in ‘Deadman’s Fingers’.  A lovely snorkel was also had by snorkelling into the blow hole cave below the tower and around all the nooks and crannies around this area where beautiful fish was plentiful.  What a lovey start to the week!



Donegal: Knockalla Fort

Knockalla Fort (Elevation 28 metres 92 feet) was built in 1810 by the British as a defence against possible French invasion of Ireland. The fort was one of six built on Lough Swilly and acted as the main headquarters. It consists of a Martello tower with walls 11 foot thick and faced with sandstone to minimise the effects of shrapnel on the men below during attack. Inside the fort there are two wells; one is located at the foot of the tower and the second, if the siege took a turn for the worst, inside the tower itself.   In the background is Fort Dunree, Urrishills and in the distance Dunaff Head.


Tuesday:  another calm evening J  this time it was off to the foot of Dunree and dived what was mainly a shallow dive 10 -14 metres approx.  Few fish and some lobsters were seen.  There were lots of nice gullies and it was a pleasant dive.


Wednesday:  Callagh Rock past Dunree Head, a beautiful dive with great visibility.  Lots of gullies and reefs covered in ‘Deadman’s Fingers’, Plumose Anemones, rich in colour and full of life.   Large and small lobsters populated the area with a generous amount of Wrasse and some Pollock.  Several Conger eels were sighted and a Ling. Average depths of 15 to 20 metres were reached.  The boat trip home was fabulous in the evening light.


Thursday:  Drift dive on Swilly starting on up water towards Inch.  Viz was murky but torches picked out some interesting luminous fish on the seabed, a flat fish – possibly a Flounder, a Thornback Ray, Dogfish and the usual Sandy floor small fish.  Sadly, no treasure from ships of yore but a good drift dive J


Saturday: early morning dive from Rathmullen and as usual did not disappoint with plenty of fish life and crustaceans. Depths of 20-25 metres and up to 50 minutes bottom time!


Training continued Sunday morning at Portnablagh for the upcoming Tory snorkel.


So has this tempted any of you non diving readers to try scuba diving or snorkelling?  Then follow us on our Facebook page SHEEPHAVEN SAC to keep you posted on training that will take place later on in the year – usually around November.