Dive Site: Bray Head, Valentia

Below are the details of a favourite dove location that our dive clud visitied on the May Bank valentiaholiday Weekend.

Name: Roderick O’Conor

Club: DIT Aquatec

Date of Dive: 06 May 2012 (May Bank Holiday Weekend)

Dive Site Name Bray Head, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry

GPS Location:    51.890584,-10.426905

Description:  A truely magnificent dive location.

What we found there were colours that most non-divers would not believe to be possible in Irish waters. We were lucky to have excellent visibility with some 20 meters or more in some places.

We found walls covers in a multitude of Jewel Anemones with pinks, yellows, oranges, greens, purples, browns, reds and more all occuring in distinct patches on the walls. Along with these were dense clusters of Dahlia Anemones each with their own distinct colours. My buddy and I came across a very large crawfish which was emerging from under a rock.
Becuase of the excellent visibility, we were able to explore the depths of a sea cave which yielded some distinct curved holes in the rock face most probably formed by a small crack in the rock which was exploited by the constant crashing of the tides there. A rock or pebble found its way into the crack and over time wore a perfectly rounded hole.
Many jeyyfish were found on this dive, mainly as deep as 6 meters. The type of jellyfish that we encountered were Aurelia Aurita, Salpes,
Sea gooseberry (Pleurobrachia pileus) and Comb jellyfish (Beroe sp.). The two I like the most are the last two because of the electical impulses that ripple up and down the exterior of its body like pulsing rainbows.

To top the dive off, the weather was excellent and everyone else had extremely good dives also

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