Dive Safe 2015

logo-safetyzoneWe would like to remind you to remain vigilant whilst diving. As divers we train and prepare as best we  can for problems that we may encounter. Ireland’s dive sites are full of wonderful distractions which are the reason we dive. We must not be tempted to push the boundaries of our built in safety precautions.

Download our Diving Safety Tips especially produced for National Water Safety week 2015 but isrDIVER UNDER LIGHTHOUSE, Hook Head Co Wexford.  Picture by Ivan Donoghue ivandonoghue@gmail.com 0868718562-1 (2)elevant every time you go diving.This guide is aimed to ensure your enjoyment of diving so please take extra care to ensure you know and dive within these guidelines. This guide is only that; we recommend that you investigate additional safe diving practices through the links provided. All of our Club Diving officers and instructors are fully aware of the policies and procedures to be adhered to ensure your continued enjoyment, if you plan on diving in Ireland why not contact your local club here


Wishing you continued safe diving throughout 2015 and beyond.


Diving Safety Tips


Tony Burke