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What is Seasearch

Seasearch is a project for volunteer divers who have an interest in what they see
under water, want to learn more and want to help protect the marine environment

CFT and Seasearch have teamed up

Seasearch was established in the UK in 1992. In March 2009, CFT teamed up with Seasearch to provide
a marine conservation project for Irish divers. Divers are well placed to be the “eyes and ears” of the effort
to protect the marine environment around our coastline. During Seasearch courses, divers are trained to
complete dive observation forms. The forms are then returned to Seasearch and are used to assist in creating an underwater “map” of areas dived. Observations on dives carried out in the same area at a later date can tell
how conditions may have changed for better or worse.

How to get started – Observer Course

Firework AnemoneThe course is run over two days. It starts with a classroom day, which covers topics such as Identification of Marine Life and Habitats and Seasearch Diving Techniques. It also includes a virtual dive and how tocomplete a Seasearch Observer form.

The two dives the following day put into practice everything covered in the classroom and start you on the way to a Seasearch Observer qualification – a total of five observation dives are needed to complete the course.


“The training I got on the Seasearch Observer Course exceeded my expectations and it’s amazing how
much more detail and life I now notice on all my dives.  I also love being able to help with conservation efforts.”

Next step – Surveyor Course

The surveyor course is aimed at experience Seasearch ObBlasket Observersservers and anyone with a background in marine life / recording.
The aim is to enable you to complete the Seasearch Survey Form which is used on most expeditionary Seasearch dives and
which gives much more detailed information for future conservation purposes.



Seasearch also offers Workshops on topics such as Marine ID, Fish ID, Specialist at beginner and intermediate levels.

For more details of upcoming courses check out our calendar.

Seasearch Observation Form

Seaserch Surveyor Form

Seasearch 2017

Seasearch calendar 2017

25th March: Adopt a Site workshop, Dun Laoghaire

1st April: Adopt a Site workshop, Galway

8th April: Adopt a Site workshop, Ballina

15th April: Adopt a Site workshop, Nenagh

27-28th May 2017: Observer course, Kerry

3-4th June 2017: Surveyor Course, Belfast

24-25th June 2017: Observer Course, Galway

23rd July: Seasearch dives at Leitir Calaidh and Ali Bui, Galway

14th October 2017: Fish Identification

15-22nd October 2017: Killary Survey Galway